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Williann Hackbarth

I had a lot of injuries from years of negleting my body and training so hard. At Remind I understood the need to listen to my body, giving it time to rest. Gentle treatments can be so efective, I tried Acupuncture and Cranio therapy, talking about it made me to realise that the Mind needs to be looked afte as much as the body The place is very relax and people who work there very friendly and professional.

Maddy Eriksson

I've been experiencing lower back pain for a while and decided to give acupuncture a go based on a friends' recommendation. I already noticed a difference after my first treatment, and now after two follow up treatments, my pain seems to have diminished completely. I'm quite anxious about needles, but Nazan is very gentle and calm which helped me feel super relaxed. I generally felt relaxed from the moment I walked in, the centre is clean and has a very welcoming atmosphere. I would highly recommend Nazan, and I am also keen to explore the other treatments offered at Re-Mind the body.

Michael Collinson

I first started working with Claudete when I lost my job 4 years ago. Dealing with any kind of losses was something I was not comfortable doing at the time. I was a little apprehensive on our first session, as I had only experienced working with 'English' people, but Claudete made me feel totally comfortable and allowed me to express my emotions like I had never done before. I would recommend her to anyone going through hard times.

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