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Mental Health Tips for the Christmas Holidays

Holidays are something we should look forward to; time to see and connect with our family, enjoying some time away from the busy city life and the never ending to-do lists.

Let’s give ourselves and each other permission to spend less and stress less throughout the holidays, so we can enjoy the real gifts of the season.

Do you ever feel like Santa is carrying a sack full of stresses and anxieties at this time of year? We get busier, eat more, spend more, drink more. We hold onto these habits of over-doing things and in-turn bring these overwhelming feelings of stress and anxiety on ourselves!

Her are a few tips, tricks and areas we can actively keep under control in order to reduce the Christmas stresses:

1. Gifts

Keep in mind you are not the only one stressing out about what to buy, how to afford everything, and finding the time to dedicate for shopping.

A simple solution: ask/talk about it!

No gifts, some gifts, budget limit or why not agree to a lunch or walk instead, bonding with each other through sharing experience and not presents. We are all in the same financial crisis trying to get through electricity bills this winter so give your loved ones the greatest gift of all, your full attention and presence.

2. Stay Present & Enjoy the Moment

That leads us on nicely to our next consideration...

The goal here is to make the most of this free time to re-charge, encourage love and connect with family and friends.

Don’t go where you feel a burden or unwanted, always opt to go somewhere that you will feel loved and wanted! Dedicate your time to what really matters.

Falling short on expectations can cause negative feelings and emotions, so try not to overthink it! You can’t please everybody and that’s not your job, so instead honour the Yes AND the No.

Top Tip: Make a list of all the things you want to do on holidays, gifts, decoration, events, cards, baking. Erase from the list all the things you will do because you think you are expected to do and prioritise the things that bring you real joy.

3. Christmas Food and Goodies

Exercise during holidays is so important when it comes to keeping your mental health on track. Don’t fall in the trap of “new year, new me” because that shouldn’t be a green light to go eat the whole turkey and a box of chocolates after! The key word here is balance. Keep your mood merry and bright with a burst of post work-out endorphins and a guilt free slice of Christmas cake afterwards.

We all like to overindulge during the holidays, but keep in mind high sugar intake can lead to feeling depressed, especially if you are on a journey of a healthy balanced lifestyle.

You can overcome the feeling of guilt by simply holding on to your exercise routine, or at least a reduced version of it. Don’t pause that Yoga subscription or hang up the running trainers for a month!

4. Appreciate the Little Things

Notice the little things in life that make you smile. Get out there and smell the winter mornings, meet up with an old friend while you're back home, give a thoughtful gift or have a meaningful conversation.

Releasing your creativity with wrapping presents and writing truthful wishes. Life is made up of all the little moments we tend to overpass.

Trying to stick to some of these tips should contribute towards maintaining your mental health during the holidays and getting the most out of the little things.

We truly hope these tips can help bring joy and happiness over the festive period, but please feel free to get in touch via our website if you would like to speak with one of our team!

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