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Gillian Lonsdale 

Osteopathy &

Osteopathy & Neuropathy

Gillian is an experienced Registered Osteopath & Naturopath, who qualified from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in London.  She has extensive clinical experience practicing in clinics throughout London.


Gillian successfully treats both adults and children for a wide range of complaints & has been working with families and children for over 25 years. In pursuit of her special interest in treating children and adults during recovery from trauma, Gillian has developed her skills extensively in  both Cranial Osteopathy, and most recently also trained as a Somatic Experiencing (S.E.P) practitioner in order to address issues such as  PTSD ,chronic pain and unresolved body dysfunctions or sensitivities.


Gillian stresses the importance of finding the root cause of an ailment, this informs the course of treatments devised to tackle a wide range of individual needs. She has a 'whole person' approach and believes that the body reacts to physical and emotional stresses in unique patterns.


 Her treatments focus on removing obstacles to full healing and recovery. Post treatment advice on exercise, post injury rehabilitation, diet and lifestyle are given in practical & common sense ways. Gillian uses her knowledge and experience to teach people to use their bodies in more balanced and healthy ways.

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