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Vergine Gulbenkian

Vergine is fully trained in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, after a foundation in Anatomy and Physiology. Craniosacral Therapy provides a rare space where an individual’s whole physiological system is listened to by the trained practitioner.

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The therapist pays attention to subtle movements in the body that maintain health and uncovers tensions that can interfere with the potent flow of life in the body.

These areas of restriction often manifest in symptoms such as digestive problems, sinus issues, headaches, hormonal imbalances, tinnitus and back pain.Many of these symptoms are chronic and do not respond to orthodox medicine. The process allows the expression and resolution of these deep and subtle tensions so that the client’s inherent health is re-established.

On your first session, there will be an opportunity to discuss your history and why you are looking for treatment. Then you will lie clothed on a treatment couch and I will use a light touch – listening through my hands to the tissues, muscles, bones, fluids, nervous system and subtle energetic motions in your body.

Most clients describe a deep relaxation, sometimes experiencing some heat or tingling or other signs of a release of tension.



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