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“I’m very lucky that my hands have always provided me with a creative outlet… now my outlet is Reflexology.”


My first encounter with Reflexology dates back to childhood, when a family friend gave me a treatment for an illness. After just one session, the symptoms improved so drastically that, through a child’s eyes, I thought the treatment was “magic”. I continued receiving treatment into my adult life to help with issues such as problematic and painful periods.


My hands have always been able to craft and create; from playing musical instruments to making silver jewellery and handmade ornaments, so I feel like I was destined to become a Reflexologist. During my travels around India, my eyes were opened to an array of holistic medicine and reflecting upon these amazing treatments and experiencing their many benefits first-hand, I decided to pursue Reflexology.


I always thought I would have made a great nurse as I am naturally warm and caring towards friends, family and even those I meet for the first time. I have a nurturing bedside manner and am able to put people at ease, especially if they are new to Reflexology. I’m very lucky that my hands have always provided me with a creative outlet… now my outlet is Reflexology.


What should I expect from my first session? Prior to your first treatment I take your health, diet and lifestyle consultation, explaining any recent or long-standing illnesses, what medication you may be taking and your reason for having reflexology.  All main body systems are covered within the first treatment in order to detect any imbalances which will then help me to create a treatment plan specific to your individual needs. Most people fall asleep within the treatment or feel tired after so I always suggest having some time to yourself to just chill after the treatment, if possible.After every treatment I will send you a tailored treatment report, indicating any areas where I have found an imbalance and with home care advice specifically catered to you. This will include dietary suggestions, breathing exercises and general health/wellbeing advice that can help with the specific imbalances I have found. Also, with any conditions you have told me about during the session or from your medical history. 

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