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Mark Berg

For everyone life is a journey that can take unpredictable twists and turns and encounter turbulence along the way. At challenging times we can really benefit from the support of another. I am here to walk alongside you, truly hear you, understand you and help you to better understand yourself – the way you think and feel. This self-knowledge can improve your ability to make choices, conduct relationships and ultimately lead a more fulfilling life. 

I am a psychodynamically trained BACP-registered counsellor/psychotherapist which is to say that I believe the way we feel and behave is connected to our unconscious motivations which have their roots in our childhood experiences.

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Practice description:

I offer both short term and long term therapy face to face from my consulting room in Queens Park or online. Through a therapeutic relationship with a non-judgmental, empathetic, and containing therapist we can gain insight and emotional understanding which can lead to relief of our symptoms and changes in our self-defeating ways of thinking and behaving.

My first session:

The quality of your relationship with your therapist is key to successful outcomes. That’s why it’s so important to find the right therapist for you, someone you trust, feel safe with, and who inspires you with the confidence to talk. To that end I aim to earn your trust and provide you a safe space in which to talk meaningfully. In our first assessment session I will ask you what has brought you to therapy and listen attentively to you as I build up a picture of you and your situation and assess how I might be able to assist you. In the session it's essential that we both get a feel for each other and a sense of whether we wish to work together.

What I can help with:

ADD / ADHD, Addictions, Anxiety, Depression, Loss, Men's issues, Obsessions, Relationships, Self esteem, Self-harm, Sexuality, Stress, Work related issues


Please contact me directly regarding services and fees.



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