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Jessica Paton

Breathwork and Coaching 

Jessica Paton - Breathwork & Coaching

I am a qualified Mindfulness & Compassion teacher, and Breathwork Coach with a real passion for helping people to change their lives.



I am currently offering a 4 week Breathwork course at the Re-Mind clinic; starting on 1-2pm on 11 October, with subsequent sessions are 18 October, 1 Nov and 8 Nov (with an optional Zoom on 25 Oct). Breath affects every organ in our body, and learning to control it reduces stress and anxiety, improves sleep and aids digestion. These techniques provide an immediate impact and over the four weeks, you will develop a healthy habit to re-balance your nervous system. Book here:


As a trained Mindfulness & Compassion teacher, Breathwork Coach and NLP Practitioner, I like to combine these methodologies in 4-6 sessions to create the biggest impact for you. Clients report real shifts in consciousness, a reduction of stress, and increased calm and happiness. It can be a fascinating journey! See previous clients testimonials and book a discovery call at


I am a qualified OldPain2Go practitioner, which helps people, usually in one session, to deal with chronic pain, and all manner of issues including menopausal symptoms and arthritis. See for more.

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