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Alexis Friedlander

Alexis is a highly experienced hypnotherapist who offers an array of different services. Find out more about him and his services below. 

More Information...

Alexis is a certified clinical hypnotherapist registered with the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis (BSCH).

Alexis helps people to overcome unwanted habits, fears, and anxieties, and to maximise performance in business or athletics. Hypnosis is a natural state. Everyone experiences trance in moments of daydreaming, intense concentration, and when entering and exiting sleep.

In a hypnosis session you achieve a similar state intentionally. You don’t go unconscious, have total amnesia, or surrender control. You do usually become very deeply relaxed. I am also the founder of  the program 'tomorrow I quit'. A program based on neuroscience principles and hypnotherapy to help smokers quit smoking in a week.


Stop Smoking Programme: £295

Hypnotherapy Session: £80




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