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Limited Offer

Therapy Rooms

At Re-Mind the Body Therapy centre we have therapy rooms to rent on a very competitive price starting from £8/hour, on a monthly slot.Our aim is to help other Therapists to rebuild their practise in a very professional, safe and warm space.

Our opening times are:

-Monday - Friday from 7am to 10pm

-Saturday/ Sundays from 7am to 8pm.


We know how hard it has been for everyone and we want to welcome you to the Re-Mind the Body Therapy Centre Team to support you to get your business back up and running again.


If you wish to take a contracted slot in our therapy rooms, contracts are rented out in slots of 4 hours, half-day or full day (eg. 7am to 2pm and 2.30pm to 9.30pm Monday to Friday. 7am - 2pm, 2.30pm - 6.30pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

As well as seeing clients in your slot you can then also book ad-hoc hours at other times of the week.

We are five minutes from Queens Park station. Our four rooms are suitable for all therapy types. Rooms include a consultation desk, chairs, sink, electric treatment couch and wiifi access. 

Lovely waiting area, couch rolls and towels included.

Re-Mind the Body Therapy Centre has COVID-19 measures in place to welcome you back to treat safely.

Claudete Tomaselli

Clinic manager

Telephone Number: 07782491677

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