Aruna Venilal


I did my 3 year training with the British School of Shiatsu  in London and graduated with my Diploma in 2007. I am a member of The Shiatsu Society. I continued my professional development with the school assisting the teachers with the new students and obtained my Petals Certificate to teach adults and taught an Introduction to Shiatsu at The Brent Adult Education Centre. I studied many advanced modules with a keen interest in embryology and mental health issues. I have had great success with fertility issues, both male and female, and I have worked with Brent Mind and have found that Shiatsu can make a significant difference to mental health issues, depression and suicidal tendencies. 

Shiatsu has its roots in Chinese Medicine and was developed in Japan over 5000 years ago. Eastern philosophy views the human body from an energetic stance. Energy in the body cannot be seen with the naked eye, much like how we cannot see wind, but can certainly feel the effects of it. Similarly, each organ has its own rhythm and pulse with the energy flowing from one organ to the next in a continuous flow, which results in good health. If this flow is interrupted or blocked, the body will experience ill health. Shiatsu helps restore the body to its original state.

Shiatsu is most beneficial for physical conditions such as backache and equally so for mental and emotional issues, as the memory is stored in our soft tissue. It unwinds the physical, emotional and mental trauma that’s held there as well as gently reminding the body to remember its true spirit.

Fee:  £50    1 hr session

Mob: 07904 404622

Contact: 07858 331626

-First session: £65
-Follow-up: £60